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4Runner Pocket Style Fender Flare 1-1/2 inch Tire Coverage - Matte Black 2014+ (Set of 4)

Matt Bleakley
As per the usual, Bushwacker has done fender flares right. These add a bit more protection, allow for a wider tire, and give the 4Runner a much more aggressive look. Installation took maybe 5 or 6 hours but wouldn’t take me that long if I needed to do it again - if you have a friend that’s put these on before, trading a 6 pack of beer for his/her time would definitely be worth it. The only snag I really ran into during installation was on the rear half of the rear fenders (those fenders are split into two pieces because of the rear doors). There are internal brackets affixed to the flares and the holes for one of the bolts didn’t line up, which made getting that bolt into the hole on the body near impossible. I had to drill out the internal bracket a little in order to be able to get those bolts in, but once I did I was able to finish the installation without any other issues.

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