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Genuine OEM Toyota A-Trac Switch


THIS WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU HAVE A 4 WHEEL DRIVE WITH E-LOCKER IN THE REAR. Want traction control on your new FJ Cruiser? This is what you need. Toyota charged $2600 for this as Upgrade package. You have all of the mechanisms and harness in your vehicle for the traction control except the switch. All FJ Cruisers came down the same line, if they had the upgrade package, they installed this switch and it gives them traction control. This switch is easy and simple to install. Simply remove the cover and the wiring is there. This is a must have for any of us without traction control. This allows the driver to turn on traction control which tells the vehicle to brake the wheels that are spinning and send torque to those that are not.

How to tell if you have the E-Locker in your FJ

The 2WD and the 4WD Auto were available without the rear locker. If you got the 4x4 6 speed, it was standard.

You can also pull the switch panel out and see if there is a couple of 4 pin connectors taped alongside the wire harness, unused.

The wiring diagram specifically labels the two wires going into the A-Trac switch as "P-G"( pink and green ) and "W-B" (white and black ).

Once you install the switch. The easiest way to do a functional test of the A-TRAC system is to find somewhere that you can get 2 tires at opposite corners off the ground. Loading dock ramps work really well for this. Shift into low range (A-TRAC only works in low), press the switch, verify the light comes on. Pull up till the tires loose traction. The yellow slip indicator lamp on the dash will start flashing and you will hear a buzzing/clicking sound from under the hood. Most importantly, you should begin to move forward again. This is what A-TRAC is all about.

Push the button and shift the control for L4 or LL (depending on whether you've got the auto or the manual). The indicator light should come on. A-Trac is supposed to help prevent all four wheels from spinning on slippery surfaces.

  • Model: 84988-35060
  • Manufactured by: Toyota

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