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Ironman 4x4 4Runner/FJ Cruiser Performance 2 inch Lift Kit w/ Nitro Gas Shocks


Product Description

Ironman 4x4 FJ Cruiser 2" Suspension Lift  Kit includes: front adjustable struts, shocks absorbers and coil springs for a performace ride.   This kit has the Ironman 4x4 "B" springs designating the performace spring for lift and added weight. 

Ironman4x4 offers a complete integrated range of suspension kits, designswhich have evolved with over 50 years of suspension experience.

Ironman 4x4 recognizes that there is no single solution practical forthe varying needs of 4x4 owners and different driving conditions,therefore Ironman 4x4 offers a wide selection of matched components.Once fitted the kit will transform the vehicle around the drivers needs.


Nitro Gas: Part number suffix GR
Twin Tube 35mm Bore and Piston
These shock absorbers are best suited to medium and heavy loads. Vehiclewill become firmer and more responsive. Will provide excellentresistance to body roll when cornering.

Nitro Gas Soft Ride: Part number suffix GRC
Twin Tube 35mm Bore and Piston
These shock absorbers are available for selected vehicle`s where comfortis preferred rather than firm control. The softer valving is bestsuited to light or no load applications.

Foam Cell: Part number suffix FE
Twin Tube 41mm Bore and Piston
These shock absorbers provide similar feel to the Nitro Gas GR shockabsorber. The Foam Cell shock absorber features a larger piston and boresize to allow for more oil capacity which allows the shock absorber tooperate cooler in rough offroad conditions or long haul corrugations


Coil Leaf Springs: Part number suffix A.
Will provide some lift from standard and used where comfort is preferredrather than firm control. This design is best suited to light or noload applications.

Coil and Leaf Springs: Part number suffix B.
Ride will be firmer than original by around 20% and suits light tomedium loads. This spring is recommended when the given load may beoccasional or temporary. Excellent for vehicles which have someaccessories fitted.

Coil and Leaf Springs: Part number suffix C.
Will provide excellent support for vehicle`s carrying constant heavyloads. Suitable when multiple heavy accessories or steel tray’s /toolboxes fitted.These springs should be avoided when vehicle has light or no loadpresent.

Coil Leaf Springs: Part number suffix D.
Extra heavy duty springs designed to support heavier constant loads when heavy accessories are combined with heavy payloads.

Ironman 4x4 FJ Cruiser Suspension - 2" Lift Kit fits the following vehicle(s):

  • 2003 + Toyota 4Runner
  • Model: IRON-KTOY055BKG 1
  • Manufactured by: Ironman

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